Alta Moda UOMO:

The Ultimate in Men's Collection & Tailoring.


Our boutiques carry a vast array of woolen suiting material. As the authorized reseller of Zegna and Scabal, two of the world’s renowned European suit manufacturers, we offer the finest selection of woolen fabric and suits that are head and shoulder above the rest. We also have an entire boutique that is dedicated to Scabal fabric and accessories located at the upscale Ritz Carlton hotel in Jakarta. To complement suiting material, our boutiques have a collection of enticing European shirting material in Swiss Cotton and other popular fabrics. A well stitched and pressed suit is truly complete only with an equally compelling choice of shirts. Our shirting fabrics have qualities desired by discerning customers who seek to look sharp and suave. Not to be left out with suiting and shirting are our accessories like tie, button, button-cuff, belt, wallet and suitcase from the leading European brands.


For those who might be wondering, our boutiques offer in-house tailoring services for suites and shirts. You have the opportunity to convert fabrics of your choice into jackets, pants and shirts to enjoy the individually tailored fit which is not available with ready-made clothing at department stores.


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The 24K Gold (Alta Moda)

It rarely get's higher than this. 24K is the result of research and collaboration of two symbols of excellence Made in Biella : Fratelli Tallia Delfino and Piana Clerico, a company specializing in working with gold for textile use. 24K is distributed to the made ​​to measure exclusive worldwide by Carnet.