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At Alta Moda, we truly understand that Fashion is constantly changing. Thousands of new designs in a variety of materials and colours comes and goes at an extremely fast pace. While it may not be possible to display our full range online, below are just some of the type of fabrics we offer.


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Customer satisfaction is our MAIN PRIORITY. As a result, we highly recommend visiting one of our stores to really understand what kind of material, weight, colour, design and texture YOU desire.

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Printed Saten Silk (Fabrics)

Satin Silk is a smooth and glossy fabric made from silk, nylon or polyester. It has a shiny front but a dull back. It's great for sportswear, lingerie, evening wear, nightgowns, blouses, boxers, ties and bedding. Satin can be cleaned via gentle hand washing and air drying. Usually comes in a set with it's Chiffon Silk counterpart, Alta Moda boasts a huge collection of Saten Silk from various European brands.