Online Purchases Information:


Alta Moda DOES NOT allow online purchases.


Our Reasons:


Unlike any other Ready-To-Use / Ready-To-Wear products, fabrics are not as straight forward. Consumers must see and FEEL our fabrics in-store. Without this, consumers are not able to understand whether a fabric is:


Thick / Thin

Smooth / Rough

Light / Heavy

Stiff / Loose (Wavy)




Photos of Fabrics will ALWAYS differ slightly to what it actually is in reality. This is due to factors such as Lighting, Shadows, Lens Type & Camera Quality (Megapixels). (i.e. Turquoise may look Green or Blue on a Photo)


Alta Moda apologises for the inconvenience. Please understand that CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR UPMOST PRIORITY.


We believe that our customers should be able to purchase with 100% Confidence.



However, due to increasing demand of online orders,

Alta Moda ALLOWS ONLINE PURCHASES ONLY IF THE CONSUMER HAS THE ALTA MODA FABRIC ITEM-CODE. This way, we understand that the consumer has seen / purchased this product in the past and they are 100% aware of what it is.


The Alta Moda Item-Code is in the following format:




(3 Letters followed by 5 numbers)


The Alta Moda Item-Code can be found in the following 2 places:


  • The Sticker / Label on the Fabric Purchased.

  • Your Receipt of Purchase.


Thank You for understanding.